Neighbors Keep Hearing Loud Noises So Woman Posts Hysterical Apology On Door To Explain Herself

by Amy Paige
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Sharla Wilson and her family recently moved into an apartment building in downtown Pittsburgh. But it wasn’t long before the new resident began to feel self-conscious about the loud noises coming from behind her front door.

Anyone who lived on Sharla’s floor, at any time during the day or night, could hear the sounds of light whimpers that grew louder until they became blood-curdling howls and wails.

What on earth could be going on in Sharla’s apartment?!

To minimize any anger or resentment instilled in her neighbors, Sharla posted an apology note on her door. The apology, typed out with accompanying photos, was written from the point-of-view of Sharla’s 11-year-old visually-impaired, diabetic pug named Charleston Chew.

Megan Jones lives in Sharla’s building and noticed the sign on her door. She was so tickled by it that she snapped a photo and posted it to her Twitter… where it instantly went viral.

Watch the video below to see the adorable apology letter gone viral.

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