He Stands Up On A Train And Asks The Passengers One Question. The Response? Amazing!

by Scott Neumyer
Scott Neumyer is a journalist, photographer, and bacon lover from central New Jersey.

Do you remember back a few years when flash mobs were all the rage? The videos would open on a very public place when someone would start singing or dancing or something something out of the ordinary. Then, all of a sudden, a few more people would jump out of the crowd and join in (perfectly in synch) with the first performer. A ton of flash mob videos went viral and for good reason: They were so joyous and fun to watch!

Well, the flash mob craze may have died down a bit over the last couple of years, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t improvisation groups and other people still doing pop-up parties, flash mobs, and other fun activities out in public. And, despite the waning popularity of the movement, there’s still a whole lot of joy to be found in watching people just celebrate life.

In the below video, you’ll see as a man is riding a train in Perth, Australia. It seems like a normal commute on a normal day, but within a few seconds, the man stands up and starts to address the passengers on the train.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he begins. “Is it just me or is this train sometimes like this motionless tunnel where people stop communicating with one another? I actually believe that life can be much more interesting than this. And the only person preventing us from making it a little more fun… is ourselves.”

With that, he tells the commuters that he’s going to start dancing and invites anyone who would like to join him, to get up off their seat and join in.

“This is funky Friday,” he says. “Let’s get funky!”

And that’s when the song kicks in. Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September Remix” starts blasting and, wouldn’t you know it, a bunch of passengers get up off their seats and start dancing. It’s a pop-up party in the best way!

From young to old, the trains fills with passengers willing to put their self-consciousness aside and have a ball with a bunch of strangers. It just feels like so much fun. Not everyone starts dancing, but a good portion of the train does, in fact, get funky.

It turns out that the man is Peter Sharp and his group The Liberators International that started the whole thing in order to get people happy and moving and putting their worries aside.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” it says on the screen before the video ends. Well, that’s certainly the truth, and there’s no better way to witness pure, unadulterated joy than to watch a video like this.

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