She Filmed Her New Puppy Meeting Her Cat — This Is Going To Make You MELT!

by Olivia Romero
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Some say that dogs and cats tend to have a love/hate relationship with one another, and no statement is more true than these two very different sibling in this adorable clip.

When this puppy finds out he has a big feline brother to look up to, his excitement is clearly written all over his tiny, adorable face. To him this means he has a new playmate, or as shown in this video, a cat to climb up on and give massages and hugs to. As this puppy continues to climb up the cat, it’s apparent that the cat isn’t thrilled at the least bit. I would have loved to know what he was thinking right at this moment!

It doesn’t take long for the puppy to eventually get worn out and cease all attacks on his feline friend.

As soon as the puppy gets off of this cat’s back, the cat walks away nonchalantly probably thinking to himself, “Yes, finally I am free!”

I thought it was adorable how the cat sat and accepted his big brother responsibilities — aka letting the new puppy climb all over him. You really do have to admire this cat’s patience, especially when this pup’s persistence and determination to get this cat’s attention is a little overwhelming for this feline to handle. Too funny!

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