This Persistent Pup Finds A Rock In The Water — But What Happens To It? HILARIOUS!

by Scott Neumyer
Scott Neumyer is a journalist, photographer, and bacon lover from central New Jersey.

Pets are nothing if not persistent. Whether it’s playing with their favorite new toy or just trying to get their owner’s attention, pets have a knack for sticking with it no matter what is going on around them. Unfortunately for them, pets also have a tendency to be easily confused, so simple tasks often end up baffling them. They will, however, just keep pushing forward until they’ve completed that task. You’ve got to love that about them.

Take the poor pup in this video: He’s enjoying a nice, relaxing day at the lake and playing in the water while his human watches and films the fun. After a few seconds of diving in the water, the dog finds a beautifully rounded rock that fits perfectly in his mouth. He snatches the rock from the water, jumps up onto dry land, and places the rock on the ground. But before he even knows what happened, the rock quickly rolls down the slanted cement and back into the lake.

The pup, realizing that his ball is nowhere to be found, heads back into the water, retrieves his beloved rock, jumps back out, and drops the object of his affection on the ground. Of course, the rock rolls right back into the water again. Ha!

The persistent dog does this same routine three or four times, each time proudly grasping his awesome rock in his little doggy jaws, before he realizes what is actually happening. On the last try, he dips back into the water, grabs his rock and finally carries it all the way up to level, grass-covered land where it stays put.

Mission accomplished! We salute you, persistent dog. You never gave up. Now go play with your rock and continue being adorable!

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