Crafty Teacher Shares Homemade DIY Period Kit She Created For Her Middle School Students

by Caralynn Lippo
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Most women can clearly remember getting their first period. Whether you’d had the conversation with a mom or cool aunt, or you were fully unprepared and had no idea what was happening, the start of menstruation is typically something that gets ingrained in our memories forever as a “Significant Life Moment.”

Unfortunately, if you fall into the latter category and weren’t told in advance what a period even is or what to expect, the situation can be traumatizing. That’s even more true when your period starts unexpectedly and makes a mess of your clothing or seat — something that can happen even if you know your period is coming. It happens to the best of us, even among grown women!

One teacher was well aware of how uncomfortable periods can be among younger girls. For that reason, she came up with an ingenious way to discreetly help out her female students during that time of the month.

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Thumbnail Photos: Facebook / Kristin Heavner

Middle school period care kit

Before you’re comfortable with your post-puberty body and all its new functions, menstruating can be embarrassing or even downright scary.

Middle school kids can also be brutal. I remember from my own preteen years that I wasn’t exactly keen on asking just any old classmate if they had a tampon or pad. In an odd way, periods still felt like a big “secret” that needed to be hidden.

Middle school period care kit

Plus, there are so many options when it comes to feminine hygiene products.

If your parents hadn’t spoken to you about menstruating, or if you’d started earlier than they expected, navigating that particular aisle of the pharmacy on your own could be overwhelming and confusing!

Middle school period care kit

That’s where hero teacher Kristin Heavner comes in.

In a public Facebook post, the Michigan teacher shared a photo of one of her brilliant period care packs alongside an explanation.

Middle school period care kit

Kristin writes:

Upper elementary and higher teachers (if you are a person uncomfortable with the idea of folks menstruating, you should prob not read ahead, but then really ask yourself why you are uncomfortable with it because seriously, about half the population of the world menstruates…)

Middle school period care kit

I have been doing this for a little bit now. I use my old ipsy make up bags and make “menstruation care packs” for my students who start their periods unexpectedly. In middle school this happens A LOT.

I put a few pads in the bag and a couple tampons and panty liners, and I also add a few prewrapped disposable wipes. The students know that they can come ask, and they get a really pretty bag with their needed supplies inside .

Middle school period care kit

It’s discreet and more fun that being handed a giant pad.

I make sure to tell them to take as much as they may need for the whole day. I make a point to ask if they need more to take home.

These bags came in super handy even in the week that we’ve been in school so far.

Sure, the office has pads for students, but once you’ve already figured out that there is an issue, the last thing you want to do is head to the office wait in line, ask for what you need, walk back to the bathroom, etc.

I am right across from the bathroom and that makes it much more convenient than having to go all the way to the office.

I just thought I’d share, being that it’s back to school time.

Middle school period care kit

Commenters were full of enthusiastic support for Kristin’s brilliant idea. Some recounted their own experiences getting their periods for the first time, while other teachers mentioned that they employ similar policies in their own classrooms.

A few people even chimed in offering to help out Kristin by donating their own makeup bags!

What do you think of this teacher’s idea to help out her female students?

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