Cake Serving For Dummies: Use An Upside Down Bowl To Get Totally Even Slices

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

It can take hours to bake, frost, and decorate a beautiful birthday cake, but all it takes is one uneven slice to ruin all of your hard work.

Instead of going in blind and cutting a slice out of your cake that makes the rest of them uneven, you can use a simple trick to ensure even cake slices every time.

In the video below, Rachael Ray and her guest demonstrate how to perfectly cut a large, round cake. Their secret? A bowl!

To make even slices, Rachael’s guest places a small bowl in the center of her cake, then uses a knife to cut around the circular indent that the bowl leaves in the frosting. Once the “smaller cake” is cut out, she simply cuts around the circle for small, even slices!

“Now I can get very even slices. This way it’s so much easier than going into the center of the cake.”

Not only does this method ensure even cake slices, but it also makes it easy to store leftovers if you don’t end up eating all your cake!

Check out Rachael’s trick below, and be sure to SHARE this video with fellow bakers!

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