Lost Cat Is Found 1,500 Miles Away From Home, Then Woman Breaks Down In Tears When They Reunite

by Kat Manos
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We’ve written about poor Penny the cat before. Few things are more heartbreaking than when a family pet has gone missing.

Cherrell Bishop of Sacramento, California, knows that heartbreak all too well.

Cherrell was on a cross-country trip with her cat Penny when the feline first escaped the family’s RV at a pit stop near the Missouri and Oklahoma border: many, many miles from home.

Of course, Cherrell was devastated. She did everything she could to look for the lost cat. But she couldn’t find Penny.

“I’m thinking something bad happened — no one called me yet, no one found her,” Cherrell says of the pain and thoughts from the weeks after Penny got lost.

Then, just when everyone had given up hope, the Bishop Family received a strange call.

Elizabeth Givens of Yukon, Oklahoma, found Penny. Except the lost cat was nearly 200 miles from where she was first lost!

That’s certainly a long way for a kitty to travel in just a few weeks!

Cherrell was beyond relieved — only a new problem presented itself: She couldn’t afford to fly poor Penny all the way back to Sacramento.

That’s when a GoFundMe post was created to raise money for Penny to come back home. Luckily, the funding goal was doubled in record time!

Penny was able to travel home. And Elizabeth decided to give Cherrell and Penny the rest of the money on a $1,000 PetSmart gift card!

Check out Penny and Cherrell’s tearful reunion in the video below, and please SHARE this on Facebook!

Footage provided by KTXL

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