Penguin Gets Custom Wetsuit To Keep Her Warm When Her Feathers Start Falling Out

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Did you know that penguins can lose their feathers, much like other birds can or a cat can lose their fur?

The most common time that penguins lose their feathers is when they are molting. When a penguin molts, it looks like a messy process as they lose their feathers in patches and will have splotchy areas on their bodies.

But, as you can imagine, a penguin’s feathers are very essential. They are how a penguin stays warm in the water and above ground. Typically, when they molt, their feathers grow back.

A little penguin at SeaWorld Orlando in Florida began to lose her feathers, though it’s unclear if it’s from molting, or if she will not get her feathers back at all.

To keep her from getting cold, the workers acted quickly to help her by creating a customized wetsuit. The new suit will insulate the penguin in the areas she’s lost her feathers!

“It’s going to keep her warm, especially in the water,” said aviculturist TJ Dray. “And now, with that wetsuit, she’s going to be in there and be able to keep warm.”

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