85-Year-Old Woman Cries When Husband Refuses To Let Virus Stop Her Birthday Celebration

by Amy P
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As this health crisis continues to spread across the world, we’re having to really change the way we think about, and organize, things like birthdays and other festive celebrations.

Peggy Ross just turned 85 years old. Naturally, she was hoping to celebrate the major milestone with her family … but not this year.

Peggy has been married to her husband Hilton for 67 years. He couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to even see his wife on her birthday — she’s been living at a nursing home for two months.

Hilton used to visit Peggy at least twice a day, every day, but the virus outbreak threw a huge wrench into the regular visits they held so dear.

At first, Hilton thought Peggy would be sent back home. But the outbreak caused her stay at the nursing home to be extended. This meant no more in-person visits from Hilton or anyone else for that matter.

“I seen her yesterday morning … out at dialysis, where she was taken out between putting her in an ambulance,” Hilton told WREG Memphis. “I got to hug her and kiss her one time for the first time in a while. That was real good.”

Despite the physical separation, Hilton and his family found a way to surprise Peggy on her 85th birthday.

We love seeing these positive, uplifting stories at such a difficult time.

Footage provided WREG Memphis

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