Peeps Coffee Creamer Is Here Just In Time For Easter, And People Have Very Mixed Opinions

by Angela Andaloro

Coffee creamer fans are often looking to add a little something sweeter to their morning cup of joe.

These days, there are so many varieties of creamer that we can barely keep up. Regular old French vanilla pales in comparison to some of the crazier flavors that have come out recently.

Cinnabon, Hershey’s, and Reese’s also have creamer offerings for the seriously sweet coffee drinker. Now everyone’s favorite Easter treat is getting in the mix. Peeps, those bright and sweet little marshmallowy chicks that line store shelves each spring, has teamed up with International Delight to get in the coffee game.

It may seem like spring and Easter are far-off thoughts. Still, some fans and foodies have already spotted the limited edition coffee on store shelves. In just a few weeks, it’ll be in stores around the country as Easter draws near. Those who haven’t had the chance to try it have lots of questions. Is it sugary? Is it thick, like a melted marshmallow? Fans who have gotten their hands on a bottle already are delivering their verdicts on what International Delight describes as “sweet, marshmallowy, and yellow,” and it seems like many are really loving it.

Many of us who are guilty of indulging our sweet tooth every now and then might remember Peeps looking like this growing up. The Peeps brand has expanded greatly since the humble days of chicks and bunnies, however.

These days, there are Peeps in all shapes and sizes, for all seasons! Why enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth marshmallowy treats for only a few weeks each year when you can have them year-round?

Peeps’ newest offering shows that the sweet treats aren’t just for kids, either. The brand is targeting the adult sweet tooth with the announcement of a limited edition coffee creamer from International Delight!

International Delight took to Instagram to announce the collaboration with Peeps. The creamer is described as marshmallowy and sweet.

International Delight has even managed to incorporate Peeps’ signature color into the creamer! It’s yellow in honor of the original chicks.

Now, we’d be lying if we said that some people aren’t skeptical of the collaboration. Many are admittedly not fans of the original marshmallow chicks, so we can see how it’s not their cup of tea (or coffee).

Peeps haters are going to be particularly repulsed to hear that Peeps isn’t coming for just coffee but rather breakfast as a whole. Its new product line is all about starting your day out sweet.

Aside from the International Delight coffee creamer, Peeps has two other breakfast offerings. First is Peeps Cereal, a collaboration with Kellogg’s. The marshmallow-flavored cereal incorporates Peeps’ signature bright colors into a mouthful of sweetness.

Next is the return of a distinct flavor of Peeps candies themselves. Last year saw the first release of pancake-and-syrup-flavored Peeps. That flavor will see a wider release this year.

While all these sweet offerings are seriously tempting, those who can’t even look at food until they’ve had their first cup of coffee are dying to know whether it’s a hit or miss. The reactions are definitely mixed.

Some people believe it’s the perfect kind of sweet to start the day off right. The tagline “Creamer has never tasted so cute” is definitely winning people over as well.

It seems like a lot of the people who are loving the Peeps-flavored creamer are fans of the many other creamers created when International Delight collaborates with brands. The company has teamed with Reese’s, Oreo, and Almond Joy to turn nostalgic snacks into liquid gold.

Others are totally not into it. Peeps are admittedly a kind of polarizing sweet treat, with quite a few people thinking the candies are too sugary to enjoy. It stands to reason they’d feel the same about the creamer.

At $3.79 for a 32 oz. bottle, it’s definitely worth a try. Your sweet tooth may be pleasantly surprised!