Shelter Dog ‘Picks’ The Perfect Person To Adopt In Emotional Pedigree Ad

Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Adopting a dog is one of the most selfless things that we as people can do. In many cases, the dogs we adopt actually end up helping us as much as we help them.

Realizing this, Pedigree decided to flip the conventional scene of a human adopting an animal in its latest ad, titled “Pick Me” — and it’s one of the most emotional ads we’ve seen in years.

The commercial opens in a shelter, panning over rows and rows of kennels. The viewer quickly realizes it’s not animals that inhabit them — it’s people.

The humans are deeply focused on their smartphones, tablets, computers and videos. In fact, they’re so absorbed in their various screens that no one seems to notice or acknowledge anyone else.

Then, a friendly dog walks in and examines the cages, just as a person would do at an animal shelter.

All the humans instantly perk up — we can tell they want the pup to pick them. He walks from person to person until he settles on the perfect one to “adopt” and take home.

The ad highlights the idea that adopting a pet is as beneficial to us as it is to them. In this era of ubiquitous technology, the innocence of dogs can help re-open our eyes to the little joys around us.

By adopting, you’ll not only change an animal’s world, you’ll also get a new best friend out of the deal! Seriously, what could be better than that? April 30th is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day. Please consider adopting a dog. It could change your life, too.

Check out Pedigree’s absolutely touching ad campaign below — it’ll definitely make you want to give your dog a squeeze, or even go adopt a new furry friend of your own.

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