Playgrounds Smothered In Peanut Butter Horrify Parents Of Food Allergy Sufferers

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Children who live with nut allergies or other types of food allergies have to be more careful than the rest of us with their food.

Since eating certain foods can cause intense, sometimes life-threatening reactions, they have to make sure that those sneaky ingredients are nowhere near them — or even anywhere around them!

This can be particularly difficult in different kitchens or restaurants that likely use nuts or other foods.

But did you know that peanuts could be lurking in public parks and playgrounds as well?

In Toronto, Canada, one mother recently found a local play structure smothered in peanut butter, which could have been seriously scary for any allergy sufferers.

While it is still unclear if it was done intentionally, it is important to stay aware of any malicious trends that could potentially affect little ones’ health.

Check below to learn more about the peanut butter-smothered structure — the information and awareness could save a life!

[H/T: Daily Mail]

Sarah Bolton and her son Lewis arrived at Dufferin Grove Park on a Wednesday morning. 

But almost immediately, she noticed that someone had done some strange vandalism to the park’s play structure.

It was completely covered in peanut butter, smeared all over the hand railings, ladders, slides, and the steps.

“The volume must have been at least three jars of peanut butter. It was unbelievable,” Bolton told the National Post.

The part’s staff was promptly notified and the equipment was cleaned, but the incident, disturbingly enough, turned out to be one of many.

Peanut butter has been found at Carleton Park, Perth Square, as well as Hillcrest Park around the area. 

Whether the peanut butter was placed maliciously or not, its presence at the parks is certainly scary for many different children and parents.

This is because many suffer from peanut allergies. Millions of people suffer from some sort of nut allergy in the U.S. alone.

These allergies range from mild to extremely severe. Some children are simply not able to ingest peanuts, while others can’t even be near them!

The reactions can also be equally serious — if not life-threatening, and negative reactions can include swelling of the face and airways to close.

Though investigations are still underway, it’s important for parents to know that food allergies can be triggered in very unlikely places.

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