Pay-It-Forward Pizza Movement Uses Post-it Notes To Feed The Hungry In NYC

by Roxy Garrity
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The holidays may be over, but the spirit of giving sure is not.

It’s a city where millions come to live the American dream, but in reality, one in five New Yorkers doesn’t even have enough money for food.

Change Matters is a nonprofit looking to change this staggering statistic, starting with one pizza slice at a time.

“You come in, you can buy a slice,” said Betsy Imershein, founder of Change Matters. “You don’t have to buy a slice, you can donate. Pizza here is $3 a slice. You can donate any multiple of $3, and you can write on a Post-it note and put it up on the board.”

Anyone in need can take a Post-it note from the wall and redeem it for a free slice of pizza, no questions asked.

“It doesn’t matter who, you know. If they need it, they must need it,” said Luciano Gaudiusa, owner of Sal and Carmine Pizza.

LittleThings had the exclusive look at this buy one, give one pilot program at Sal and Carmine Pizza in New York City’s Upper West Side. If you loved learning about this amazing program, please SHARE it with all of your friends and family!

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