Paul Hunt Performs His Hilarious Gymnastics Comedy Routine In 1981

by Jess Catcher
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Training for any form of athletics takes an incredible level of determination. The most admirable of those individuals show just how much perseverance can pay off with their stunning talent. Gymnasts like Ludmilla Tourischeva have clearly spent plenty of time practicing, so much that she didn’t even mind the uneven bars collapsing right behind her after a routine!

When the gymnast in the video below stepped up to the uneven bars in 1981, it wasn’t the apparatus that made things a little unusual. This Salt Lake City–based coach made the performance unforgettable all on his own! Paul Hunt has been teaching the rigorous sport since 1974, but it was when he realized how funny it must look for the mustachioed man to carry out routines typically performed by female athletes that he found his own genre of physical comedy!

While on tour with triple gold medal winner Nadia Comăneci in 1981, Hunt entertains the crowd with his hilarious antics. Dressed in a bright pink unitard and with his hair in silly pigtails, he has the announcers cracking up before he even gets close to the bars! Then when he begins the routine, his impressive flips suddenly stop as he appears to struggles at the top bar. It’s incredible to see how much control he has over his body to not only successfully achieve the difficult techniques, but then purposely flub them!

Men might find some of Hunt’s goofy pratfalls a bit, ahem, difficult to watch… but they’ll forget all about it while laughing at the next hysterical trick.

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