Grandma’s Doctors Say She’s Dying, Then The Local Cops Grant Her Final Wish

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Patricia Kelly got the bad news in December. Her doctors diagnosed her with leukemia, and told her she wouldn’t have much time left. Her dying wish was to go to the beach one last time.

According to friends and family, Patricia (or Pat, as she is called), grew up on the shoreline. Her family rented out a beach house in Ship Bottom, New Jersey, every summer, a tradition that she continued with her own kids.

When the 78-year-old mother and grandmother was given a terminal cancer diagnosis, all of her loved ones banded together to make a final beach trip a reality.

Like the veteran who wanted to see his beloved horses one last time, Pat wanted to return to her happy place. Her family knew how much it would mean to her to have that experience.

Unfortunately, Pat’s illness progressed more quickly than they expected. By the time the beach trip rolled around in mid-March, she was almost too weak to go. Still, her friends, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren were determined to make it happen.

Finally, daughter-in-law Stephanie Corbin called up the local police in Ship Bottom. When they heard the plan, the local force was more than happy to help grant Pat’s final wish. Pat eventually went into hospice care, but with a heart full of happy memories.

Scroll through below to watch Pat’s final trip onto the sand — it’s a tearjerker, so keep your hankie handy! And don’t forget to SHARE this beautiful moment!

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