Pat Sajak Walks Off ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Set When A Contestant Says THIS!

by Caroline Bayard
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After hosting Wheel of Fortune for the past 33 years, it’s safe to say Pat Sajak has seen it ALL. However, he couldn’t get over the contestants ‘horsing around’ on a recent episode and may have finally cracked after all these years…

Decades of Wheel of Fortune failures have kept Pat Sajak and fans of the show laughing, but during an episode from “Best Friends Week” filmed in Hawaii, Sajak just couldn’t hold back his true feelings any longer. The hilarious moment came right after a contestant correctly guessed the first letter on the board – the letter “N”. In the heat of the moment, the contestant must have been feeling especially lucky, because he went ahead and guessed the entire puzzle with just the one letter.

Sajak’s reaction was pretty hysterical, but it’s what happened next that made him really lose control!

The host was so dumbfounded that he walked off the set before explaining that he felt like he was “losing it”. This might just be the best Pat Sajak moment, but it certainly isn’t the first time the show’s host was left scratching his head by a contestant’s response. Check out the clips below if you love outrageous bloopers (and laughing at contestant’s misfortune!).

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What were they thinking?! After all these years, THIS was the answer that made Pat Sajak finally "lose it".


OUCH! This clip was dubbed 'Wheel of Stupid' after it made it's way on the internet. Chances are that contestant #2 is still kicking himself for this response.


Have you ever found yourself yelling the correct Wheel of Fortune answer at your TV set? This clip is almost too painful to watch, but it's also too good to pass up...