Woman Settles In For Her Flight, Then Notices Passenger Shamelessly Giving Herself A Pedicure

by Olivia Jakiel
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Airplanes are already pretty small spaces, and oftentimes when you’re traveling, you’ll notice the tiniest things about your fellow passengers: a man who won’t stop talking loudly about his business endeavors; a fussy baby who cries every 10 minutes; a millennial couple who’s had one too many preflight Bloody Marys; and, of course, a woman giving a good ol’ pedicure right before cabin service.

Wait, what?!

That’s exactly what happened on December 12, 2018, when hair and makeup artist Lyneé Ruiz was on a very public Southwest Airlines flight and noticed that the woman sitting in the row across from her was performing a pedicure (either on herself or possibly her seatmate, based on the foot position) — without any concern for her fellow passengers.

Lyneé, who hails from West Allis, Wisconsin, told Caters News, “I started laughing hysterically, I couldn’t believe it was happening.” However, her laughter quickly turned into disbelief and disgust as the woman kept… umm, going at those feet like she was in the privacy of her own home.

Then I was grossed out,” she recalls. “Everyone was looking at each other in disbelief.”

Surprisingly, none of the passengers on the Southwest Airlines flight spoke up or asked the woman to kindly put feet and pedicure tools away.

“I don’t know why we didn’t say anything,” she said. “We were just shocked.”

What would you have done in this situation?

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