Rude Plane Passenger Dumps Trash Into Aisle So Outraged Man Snaps A Photo To Shame Him Online

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

When commercial airlines first started taking passengers from place to place, it was a pretty glamorous experience. People lounged about on airplanes while stewardesses tended to their every need. Only the rich could afford to fly, so the experience was pretty luxurious.

Nowadays, flying isn’t exactly that glamorous. Unless you sit in first class, you’ll probably be stuck in a cramped seat with limited leg room, next to strangers who snore or put their smelly feet too close to you.

That said, it’s usually not too awful. Most of the time, you can sit down in your seat, watch a TV show or movie on the personal entertainment set, and just bide your time before landing at your destination.

Other times, however, you end up next to a passenger who does something even worse than snoring or taking off their shoes.

On a recent flight, a man noticed a fellow passenger dumping his trash into the aisle — so he snapped a picture to shame him online.

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inside airplane

People do weird things on airplanes, but they rarely behave in outright unacceptable ways.

Sure, putting your feet on someone else’s seat is frowned upon, and painting your nails on the tray table will get you some annoyed looks.

plane seats

But there’s one thing that will guarantee you get into hot water with other passengers: dumping your trash on the floor.

airplane inside

It’s understandable that everyone puts a tissue or empty water bottle on the floor under their feet from time to time, but what this man did is inexcusable.

Instead of waiting for a flight attendant to come get his food tray, he just dumped the entire thing right into the aisle.

reddit plane

On November 10, 2017, Reddit user MinecraftThugLife shared this photo online, and it immediately got a lot of attention.

He wrote, “Man dumps his food into the isle [sic] after he ate what he wants.”

airplane food

People were absolutely outraged after seeing this photo.

What kind of monster treats his fellow passengers and flight attendants this way?!

passenger trash

And the worst part is that he’s just sitting there casually reading a book.

Everyone who commented on the picture shared their anger at this passenger’s actions.

infuriating picture

One person wrote, “How could he possibly get away with doing that…?”

food plane

And another said, “Even not being an attendant I think I would still ask him to pick his sh*t up. Even though it’s not that big I would think the aisles need to be clear plus this guy is just being a real ***hole.”

angry passengers

“This is where the other passengers need to speak up to this dirtbag and let him know just how in the wrong he is,” commented another person.

This picture is so infuriating. Would you say something to this guy?

flight attendants

“Yo, help the flight attendants and save your pity for this clod who apparently never passed kindergarten,” wrote someone else.

Nobody ever said that airplane food was delicious, but dumping it on the floor is just going too far.

People like this should truly be banned from flying!

inside the airplane

The most shocking comment came from a flight attendant, though, who wrote: “As a flight attendant I can tell you this happens All. The. Time.”

seats airplane

It’s truly shocking that people are so inconsiderate when they’re on airplanes!

Everyone needs to remember that being a flight attendant isn’t an easy job — and there’s no reason to make it any more difficult for them.

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