Her Beloved Parrot Goes Missing. 3 Days Later, A Friend Says To Turn On The TV

by Phil Mutz
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One of the most stressful and devastating experiences for any pet owner is when a beloved animal goes missing.

This can happen for any number of accidental reasons. But the very highest priority is, of course, getting the cat, dog, bird, or other animal home safe and sound.

Joanna Arevall naturally went into panic-mode when her family’s incredible pet parrot, Wubby, went missing. She immediately took to Facebook to beg friends, family, and neighbors to keep an eye out for him.

Just when it might seemed like Joanna and her family should given up the hope of seeing their parrot again, they received a phone call from a friend.

Joanna recalled, “She was like, ‘Hey, I think your bird is on the news.’ And I was like: ‘My bird is on the news?'”

Three days later, Joanna realized that she and Wubby might actually get their happy ending after all.

Watch the amazing video below to see what happened when a neighbor came across Wubby just blocks away — and why she wasn’t able to communicate with the talking parrot.

Have you ever gone into panic mode after a pet went missing? Or have you ever come across a missing pet and aided in the reunion? Let us know in the comments.

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Footage provided by WDAF

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