Curious Parrot Is Mesmerized When He Discovers Steam For The First Time

by Melissa Castellanos
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Most birds love to take flight, eat seeds, or mimic their owners, but GIZMO, an adorable white parrot, happens to love steam!

Apparently, GIZMO wanted to see what his owner was cooking up in the kitchen, but he discovered something way better than food: steam for the first time.

GIZMO appears to be perplexed by the steam that surrounds him. He closely observes it with his big brown eyes and then attempts to bite the steam. You can even see his little tongue trying to grasp it. Too cute!

Birds are extremely talented creatures and have wowed us with their sense of humor and talent, including two gifted parrots that played an adorable game of basketball and a funny parrot that danced to a ballet classic.

When GIZMO can’t bite or get a hold of the steam, he turns his head to the side and then upside down, completely mesmerized at what’s before him. At one point, GIZMO is so enthralled by the steam that he almost loses his balance. (No one wants parrot soup!) Then his owner pulls him back a bit, and you can see the shock on his little face as if that was a close call!

Chances are, GIZMO might really be into fajita night where the steam really builds up. Or maybe like humans, birds might enjoy a steam bath now and then. Who needs a bird bath when you can have a steam bath.

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