Parrot With An Evil Laugh Cracks Up While Playing In Box

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

One afternoon, a woman was home alone when she began to hear odd noises coming from the other room. When she went to investigate further, she heard echoing evil laughter.

But she knew that voice anywhere: It was her pet parrot.

After spending the day cleaning, she’d left a few discarded boxes in the living room. Before she had a chance to put them out as garbage, her parrot began to play with them. He hopped into the box and played in the shipping material. He tries to hide from his owner at one point but gives up his cover when he out a villainous laugh. Sounds like this guy is having a great time — and maybe has an evil plan in the works.

It’s difficult to watch this without laughing (or at least cracking a smile) because this bird is just too funny! Luckily, his owner turned on his camera and decided to record this moment because it is priceless. Birds are naturally vocal, but I honestly can’t imagine hearing that laughter in the middle of the night! Could you!?

Birds do make great pets though and are highly intelligent. According to experts, parrots can repeat and mimic sounds sometimes after a single listen!

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