Man Begins To Freestyle Rap At Zoo, Then Finds An Unlikely Duet Partner Perched In A Nearby Cage

by Haley Henschel

Looks like you’ve got some new competition, Kanye.

Boston Celtics stadium host Mel Renzo was freestyling at Alligator Adventure in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when he found an unlikely duet partner in one of the animal park’s residents: a blue-and-yellow macaw.

The parrot had caught Mel’s eye as he strolled around the park with his girlfriend. Wondering whether the bird could talk, he approached its perch and struck up a conversation.

“I started by just talking to it, but he didn’t say anything back,” Mel told Caters“Eventually he mumbled a word, then soon after became very responsive.”

Mel then decided to test the bird’s musical prowess and started improvising a few random lyrics — much to the bird’s delight.

“I’d seen on TV before videos of birds bobbing along to songs and singing and I thought I’d try it out with this guy,” Mel explained. “I started just by singing hip-hop songs with a beat you can bop your head to, and the bird seemed to really like it.”

Mel’s girlfriend then picked up her camera and pressed “record.” She wound up capturing a priceless duet between a man and his newfound feathered friend, who “swayed” when told to sway and added a few of his own lyrics to Mel’s freestyle.

“It was incredible; I’m always having crazy encounters like this, but this one I couldn’t believe was actually real-life,” Mel explained. “Everyone has really got a kick out of it.”

See their priceless performance…

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