Woman Snaps Maternity Photo At Park, But Has No Clue About The Man In Jeans Behind Her

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

In 2013, professional photographer Ashley Hempel posted a photo on Facebook of a client from Kansas City, Missouri.

She had no idea it would go massively viral in just a couple of days.

Laura was pregnant with her first child when she decided to hire Ashley to take a few maternity photos at Duck Creek Park. Her husband, Aaron, went with her for moral support.

As Laura sat on the grass, proudly holding her pregnant belly, she heard the sound of someone laughing uncontrollably. When she turned around, she realized what was really going on behind her. There was her husband, hilariously posing for the camera without any provocation.

“I probably did what most guys that have a beer belly would do,” Aaron said. “Anybody that has a sense of humor, anyway.”

Within hours, Ashely was shocked to see the overwhelming response to her photo on Facebook. At the same time, she understood that she captured a funny, authentic moment of realness between a loving couple — qualities to which people seem to gravitate.

Aaron and Laura have had two more babies since their epic photobomb went viral, and this family of five shows no signs of giving up their sense of humor any time soon.

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Footage provided by WQAD

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