Paris Jackson Opens Up About How It Feels To Be Michael Jackson’s Daughter: ‘I’m Ready Now’

by Karen Belz
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Back when Paris Jackson was a child, not many people knew much about her. As one of Michael Jackson’s three children, she was often kept out of the public eye.

But mystery always surrounded her.

Michael had his children in a somewhat nontraditional way. He was tied to Debbie Rowe, whom he met at his dermatologist’s office. Debbie was a big fan of Michael’s and learned of his desire to have children. Debbie offered to carry them, and she soon gave birth to Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., commonly known as Prince. Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson, was born just a year later. While Michael and Debbie were officially married for a few years, their relationship didn’t last long.

Debbie wound up giving full custody of the children to Michael.

When discussing their childhood, Paris and Prince often have nothing but good memories of their father. But there are many questions that still haven’t been answered. Thanks to a new Facebook Watch series, Paris is finally opening up completely.

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The streaming show is set to premiere on June 30. It’s called Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn. Gabriel has been romantically tied to Paris, and the two of them are part of an indie band together, named The Soundflowers. The band is best known for playing folk music.

The show will also feature some archived footage of Paris and Michael, who died in 2009. He was only 50 at the time of his death. While Michael was a pop legend, there are still a lot of suspicions about his character — and documentaries have been made that his surviving family members have disagreed with.

“You see a kid grow up in the public eye, you forget that I am a human,” Paris says in a voice-over in the trailer. “I was against letting the world in because it wasn’t a choice. I wasn’t ready then. I feel like I’m ready now.” Bringing Michael into the show means she may use the opportunity to speak up on her own terms.

But it seems like the show will also focus a lot on the band and the relationship that Paris has with Gabe. “When I met Gabe, I immediately just vibed and started making music,” she says. “I feel like we’re the same level of damaged. Gabe understands the pain I’ve gone through in my life and he’s helped me realize this is what I was born to do.”

Prior to the show starting, Paris has had nothing but kind things to say about Gabriel. “Gabriel is my muse; I owe a lot to him,” she said, per People magazine. “The dark parts of my mind are usually what help me write the songs I end up liking and wanting to record. The Beatles, Joe Purdy, Ray LaMontagne, Radiohead and The Lumineers are big writing influences of mine as well.”

While Paris had written music a lot, she didn’t have the confidence to work with it until Gabriel came into her life. And he’s equally as smitten with her. “She creates so naturally and honestly; it inspires me to be a better songwriter,” he said. “I think having a unique spirit like hers allows us to channel things we’d never receive on our own.”

The two of them seem to be a solid couple, supporting each other and understanding that people might come with a bit of baggage. And when your father was so legendary, it definitely comes with a lot of complications. “A Jackson doing folk indie? Not what they expect,” Paris says in the trailer.

Prior to diving into music, Paris also found work as a model. She’s currently signed with IMG Models, which is one of the most well-known agencies out there. She’s also worked as an actress and has two projects that are in postproduction. She’s definitely been busy.

Her older brother, Prince, has also made a name for himself. He’s been involved with plenty of nonprofits. He graduated from college in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, proving he’s not just using his last name to help him excel in the industry. Years back, he was also a celebrity correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

While known by his childhood nickname of “Blanket” for years, Michael Jackson’s third child — officially named Prince Michael Jackson II, is one of the most private. He recently turned 18 and, along with his brother, has a YouTube channel where he reviews movies.

Prince and Paris have stayed very close throughout the years — so hopefully he’s supportive of Paris telling her side of the story. Throughout the trailer, it’s obvious that Paris has some trouble with “the whole pressure to follow in my dad’s footsteps.” Michael would have been proud of the young lady that Paris has become.

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But it seems as if this is her chance to define herself outside of her father. While being Michael Jackson’s only daughter comes with a lot of pressure, she’s still her own person. And she’s allowed to create her own path, regardless of what it may be. Right now, she’s at the perfect age to show off her true personality.

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Plus, the additional press is wonderful for her band. According to Gabriel, they fit together perfectly when they first started making music. “The first night P.K. and I hung out we jammed at my rock ‘n’ roll band’s rehearsal studio,” he told People magazine. “We showed each other songs and even wrote a few on the spot. Everything fit together so naturally, from our voices to our song-writing style. I had never met someone who fit so perfectly with my sound.”

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The show will start airing on Tuesday, June 30, at 3 a.m. PT/6 a.m. on Facebook Watch. But if you’re looking to hear more from The Soundflowers, now’s the best time. Their first EP came out on June 23, and it’s a great listen. Paris has a lot of potential as an indie folk singer, and this is an incredible start to her new career.