Kids Hold Up Signs Offering Help To Strangers In NYC While Their Moms Look On In Awe

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One of the most important lessons we can teach our kids is to be unconditionally kind. Children learn from what they see and hear around them, so the best way to teach kindness to our kids is by setting a positive example through our own actions.

Recently, a group of parents took to the streets of New York City to teach their kids an important lesson about kindness. On park benches and in toy stores, children walked around with their parents, carrying signs that read: “Can I help you with anything?” They learned about going out of their way to help others.

“It’s important not just to teach your kids about right and wrong, but to understand that even one small act of kindness can have such a big impact on other people,” said one mom after her daughter helped a girl struggling to zip her coat.

As they walked through the city with their signs held high, the kids helped tie shoes, clean up picnics, and even deliver groceries to their neighbors.

“Every once in a while I have some medical issues, and if I need something, I’ll ask his mother to pick something up,” one woman said when her neighbor’s young son came to deliver some groceries. “He just brings them to me with a smile on his face.”

This video is part of the JIF® campaign to push kids’ boundaries and show children that kindness, creativity, and bravery have no limits. After this experiment, it’s clear that these kids are already well on their way to becoming kindhearted, empathetic adults.

“People need to look out for other people,” said one boy.

“If everybody was nice, the world would be a better place,” another girl added.

We couldn’t agree more!

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