Mom Hits Gold Piñata To Reveal Baby’s Gender, Then Shrieks ‘Oh My God!’ When It Bursts

by Nicoletta Richardson

It’s often the case that couples who are expecting their first child don’t care about the gender at all — just the pure excitement of knowing they’re going to be parents is enough.

And although moms and dads always see the baby’s health as most important, they might actually have a bit of a preference past their first child. You can definitely tell that was the case for this dad!

In the video below, posted on January 25, 2017, we see parents open a piñata to reveal their baby’s gender on national television!

Lexi and Jason brought their kids, Ruby and Axel, to Rachael Ray. And as they walk on stage, we see Ruby dressed in a shirt that reads “Team Girl” and Axel in one that reads “Team Boy” — that’s when you know things are about to get heated.

The two proud parents talk about how this baby’s gender is going to be a deal-breaker in the household, since there’s currently two boys and two girls.

And although Mom makes it clear that the most important thing is the baby’s health, she goes on to say that she is with Team Girl.

Rachael Ray made a glamorous gold piñata that hangs from the ceiling for the occasion, containing colorful confetti that will give this family the answer they’re waiting for.

Mom grabs ahold of the hitting stick and takes on the important role of breaking open the piñata. As Mom gets ready, everyone is on the edge of their seat, chanting “boy” or “girl.” Then she swings — but you’ll have to find out what happened next by watching the video below!

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