Paramedic Orders Firefighters Not To Call 911, But They Disobey Him When He Has A Heart Attack

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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John Copeland has saved many lives, but when his own was in jeopardy, it was his coworkers who saved him.

John is a paramedic in Lewisville, Texas. Over the 25 years he has been working, John has seen countless heart attacks and saved the lives of as many patients as he could.

John knows everything there is to know about the first line of defense for cardiac arrest — but when he started showing symptoms himself, he ignored them.

John felt a sharp pain in his arm but assumed he had just torn his shoulder while exercising. His fellow paramedics wanted to call an ambulance, but John told them not to. He was sure it was nothing serious.

Luckily, John’s coworkers were pretty certain they knew what was happening. John was rushed to the hospital. That quick thinking by his fellow paramedics saved his life — but not easily.

John went into cardiac arrest on the table at the hospital. He lost consciousness, and was in between life and death for 15 minutes. The doctors had to administer 10 shocks to restart his heart.

Four months later, John is doing A-OK. He even went back to the hospital to personally thank everyone involved in his recovery.

As the video below reminds us, doctors say genetics are a leading cause of heart attacks. Make sure you know your family history, and act fast when you feel symptoms.

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