Paralyzed Man Spends 3 Years In A Wheelchair, Then Stuns Sister By Standing At Her Wedding

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Weddings are often very emotional for everyone included.

For Nikola Raguz and his sister Matea Raguz-Papac, her big day was just a bit more special and emotional.

It came three years after Nikola was paralyzed.

Since he was in a terrible car crash three years earlier, the lower of of Nikola’s body has been paralyzed. He has been in a wheelchair.

After the accident, he was in a coma for three months due to a serious head injury.

But in the video below, from Matea’s wedding, Nikola rises out of his wheelchair as his sister watches with the biggest smile on her face.

Not only does he stand up for her, the brother and sister also share a special dance that has everyone in tears by the end.

While dancing, Nikola even manages to raise his hand and wave to everyone while they keep time with the music.

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