Flight Attendant Announces Little Girl’s Birthday, Then Leads The Entire Plane In Singing To Her

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

Mazzy is turning 4 today! And, on that note, someone wake up Mazzy!

This little girl seems to have dozed off on the plane — just as a the Southwest Airlines flight attendant was announcing her special day to all the passengers.

But that’s OK. Her sister is right there beside her to wake her up.

And when Mazzy, who has spina bifida, does open those eyes, her smile stretches from ear to ear.

Because the flight attendant’s announcement turns out to be just the beginning. Sure, we’ve seen parents do some truly touching things for children on their birthday. Remember the mom who turned what looked like a disastrous birthday party into a dream for her 6-year-old boy?

Or the dad who donned a disguise to stun his daughters?

Sure, Mazzie’s birthday is a little less over-the-top dramatic. But for Mazzy, who is paralyzed, it’s everything.

There are treats and crayons. And maybe most importantly, a plane-full of people belting out the Happy Birthday song.

Just for her.

The cake that arrives on her lap isn’t real  — the airline’s best impression of one, at least, was made from what looks like paper and plastic. But that’s perfectly all right.

Because on a day like this, Mazzy need only look outside the window to know the world is her birthday cake: those big, fluffy clouds like icing sugar; the sun — the brightest candle of all — shining just for her.

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