Dog Walks After Being Paralyzed For 10 Days

by Stefanie Baum
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It’s devastating when dogs are injured in accidents, and even more devastating when they are abandoned, neglected, or intentionally abused by ill-equipped owners.

That was exactly the case for this pit bull, Titus, who was left paralyzed after being hit by a car. Luckily for Titus, Rescue From The Hart, a Los Angeles-based dog rescue, was able to help save him and get the medical treatment he needed for his miracle. With a little bit of help, he was able to get up and miraculously start walking again after being paralyzed for 10 days!

Animal rescues do important work to ensure that animals are treated kindly and with respect all over the world.

Not all dogs are as lucky as Titus when it comes to surviving and recovering from such traumatic incidents, but these great organizations do everything in their power to look after them — so even though they may not be able to walk on their own, they might be lucky enough to receive a doggie wheelchair to maintain a happy standard of life for a handicapped pup.

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