10 Perfect Presents To Pamper Family Pets This Holiday Season

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s officially time to start shopping for gifts!

Although most people only buy presents for the humans in their lives, don’t forget about your incredible four-legged friends and family members this year!

Dogs and cats (and guinea pigs and bunnies and all the other fluffy friends) deserve to be celebrated this holiday season just as much as humans do. This winter, buy your fur babies some gifts to let them know how much they’re loved.

From Christmas-themed beds to candy cane chew toys to fluffy winter-colored plushies, your pet won’t be left wanting more this holiday season.

Check out some of the best holiday presents to pamper family pets — all from Chewy!

1. Christmas Tree Cave Bed, $29.99

christmas tree bed

Want to make sure your pet gets into the holiday spirit? Get this adorable Christmas tree cave bed for your cat or dog — just make sure they’re small enough to fit inside! They’ll look so cute sleeping inside this precious bed.

Shop Now: Frisco Holiday Dog & Cat Christmas Tree Cave Bed (Chewy, $29.99)

2. Letter to Santa Crinkle Toy, $7.99

letter to santa

Do you know kids who love writing letters to Santa? Get your dog involved this year with a Letter to Santa Crinkle Toy. It makes all sorts of crinkly, scratchy noises that your dog will absolutely love.

Shop Now: Bow-Wow Pet Letter to Santa Burlap Crinkle Dog Toy (Chewy, $7.99)

3. Christmas Light Cat Teaser, $8.99

cat toy

If your cat loves playing with toys and chasing after strings, this is the perfect holiday gift. This Christmas light-themed teaser toy is sure to put any cat in the Christmas spirit!

Shop Now: Kong Holiday Laser Teaser Lights Cat Toy (Chewy, $8.99)

4. Holiday Gnome Dog Toy, $9.99

holiday gnome

People love decorating their homes with gnomes for the holidays — this year, get a gnome your dog will love! This plush dog toy has a built-in squeaker that pups will absolutely love during playtime.

Shop Now: Frisco Holiday Gnome Plush Dog Toy (Chewy, $9.99)

5. Candy Cane Treat, $3.99

candy cane

Does your dog always look longingly at you while you snack on a candy cane? This year, get your pup her very own candy cane (one that’s safe for dogs, of course). Your dog will love the meaty flavor, and it will keep her occupied for hours on end.

Shop Now: Redbarn Holiday Fetchers Candy Cane Dog Treat (Chewy, $3.99)

6. Reindeer Rope Dog Toy, $10.99

rope toy

This toy is a three-in-one spectacular for dogs. Not only is it an adorable plush reindeer, it also has rope limbs (which are great for tug of war) and a squeaker inside! This is a great toy for dogs to play with alone or with their owners.

Shop Now: Frisco Reindeer Rope Dog Toy (Chewy, $10.99)

7. Santa and Reindeer Mouse Catnip Toys, $7.99

mouse toys

Is it hard to get your cat interested in toys? These Santa and reindeer mouse toys will be perfect, because they have small amounts of catnip in them (so cats can’t help themselves). Plus, they’re so darn cute!

Shop Now: OurPets Santa Mouse and Reindeer Cat Toy (Chewy, $7.99)

8. Santa Lamb Chop Dog Toy, $6.49

8. Santa Lamb Chop Dog Toy, $6.49

Dogs all over the country have adorable Lamb Chop toys, but how many have a Santa Lamb Chop? This Christmas, buy your dog a sweet Santa Lamb Chop plush toy.

Shop Now: Multipet Santa Lamb Chop Dog Toy, Small (Chewy, $6.49)

9. Gingerbread House Cat Scratcher, $13.99

cat scratcher

Is your cat obsessed with scratching? This gingerbread house scratcher will be his new favorite toy. He’ll get to scratch up the bottom and play with the hanging gingerbread man, all while feeling like he’s in a cardboard box!

Shop Now: Companion Gear Holiday Gingerbread House Cat Scratcher (Chewy, $13.99)

10. Holiday Dog Bones, $9.99

10. Holiday Dog Bones, $9.99

These bones feature a fun pattern, playful squeaker, and erratic bounce when thrown, sure to be super fun for dogs of all sizes. Your dogs might not realize these bones are Christmas-themed, but they’ll definitely love them!

Shop Now: Frisco Holiday Edition TPR Dog Bone, 2-Pack (Chewy, $9.99)

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