Woman Says She Barely Recognizes Herself After Makeover That Promises To ‘Erase 10 Years’

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Many adults would do just about anything to turn back the clock on their looks. When a woman named Pam signed up to have a makeover on The Doctors, she was hoping they’d do exactly that.

The makeover claimed to “erase 10 years” from Pam’s look.

In the video below, you’ll see what Pam looked like before her makeover. Of course, she was absolutely beautiful — but her transformation is truly stunning. After hiding behind long blonde hair, Pam looks like a new woman after a haircut, new makeup look, and a few cosmetic treatments.

When Pam steps out to show her new look to the audience, she hasn’t yet seen her own transformation, so you get to experience her first look along with her!

Upon seeing herself, Pam is in disbelief — she keeps saying how she doesn’t look anything like herself, and can’t stop playing around in the mirror.

So what did the makeover experts do to “erase 10 years” off Pam’s look? First, a fresh haircut took some “weight” away from Pam’s face. Then, a new, natural makeup look complemented the cosmetic work done by plastic surgeon Dr. Nima Shemirani. As Dr. Nima explains, he used Botox to totally transform Pam’s face.

What do you think about Pam’s makeover?

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Photos: CBS — The Doctors

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