Here’s How A Kids’ Sock Company Is Trying To End Racism And Discrimination

by Phil Mutz
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Learning to love and appreciate people who are different from ourselves is something that has to be taught at an early age.

And the incredible folks at Pals Socks are aiming to do just that.

This amazing organization makes fun animal socks that are purposely mismatched, in an effort to teach kids about making friends with others who may be different from them.

Not only is their positive message unique, but it has helped kids around the world celebrate their differences.

Scroll through below for a look at these adorable socks and how their special message is having a huge impact.

With mismatched pairings such as a cat and a dog, an alligator and a flamingo, and a dragon and a unicorn, these are something my nieces and nephews would love to wear. And once these special socks spark a conversation, it will be easy for them to make the important connection to their own lives and friendships!

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Courtesy Of Hannah Lavon / Pals

Pals Socks is a unique company that makes purposely mismatched socks for kids.

While they come in all sorts of adorable pairings, they actually carry a much more important and powerful message.

Courtesy Of Hannah Lavon / Pals

Pals Socks co-founder Hannah Lavon tells LittleThings: “Pals Socks is trying to actively create positive social change.

“The concept is to be purposely mismatched as unlikely friends (animals and such) that inspire kids to branch out with different kinds of friends and try new things.”

Courtesy Of Hannah Lavon / Pals

The socks come in all sorts of fun pairings: cat and dog, alligator and flamingo, panda and koala, bird and worm, dragon and unicorn, bear and bee, and ladybug and caterpillar, just to name a few.

Lavon tells LittleThings: “The response to Pals has been great!

“Pals can simply start the conversation with kids about why their socks are mismatched.”

She continues: “You can have different kinds of friends and be open to new experiences.

“If our society was more open to different ideas… the world would be a more peaceful and happy place to exist.”

Courtesy Of Hannah Lavon / Pals

While this might seem like a concept that is a bit sophisticated for young kids to grasp, Pals has had great success in sparking conversations between kids and parents, as well as kids and their friends.

The company’s creators believe it is important to instill these positive messages in kids at a young age, and they note that it seems to be working!

Lavon tells LittleThings: “We have heard from numerous parents since launching that the kids love the nice message and designs so much, that they refuse to take them off.

“And that they have really helped to teach kids about opposites and getting along!”

“We want to make the next generation more accepting, open-minded and [appreciative] of our differences.”

They may only be socks, but this fun and adorable idea carries a powerful message that is having a huge positive impact upon kids around the globe.

For more about Pals Socks, check out their website.

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