11 Amazing Ways To Transform Old Pallets

by Jess Catcher
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Wooden pallets are one of the most versatile DIY materials available to crafters. That’s exactly why it was so hard to narrow down the list of amazing pallet projects folks have shared online!

Whether you’re looking for a small, simple craft to do with your kids or wanting to really sink your teeth into something that will stun your friends and family, we’ve got you covered with tons of incredible options below.

I’m personally not very crafty myself. In fact, it’s a bit dangerous to let me near any sort of tool when it comes to my level of clumsiness. But I’ve always loved watching one of my best friends work on her endless amount of projects — I know she’d get a kick out of tackling #5, while #8 would be a total breeze for her!

Take a look to see if there are any pallet projects you’d like to dig into.

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Thumbnail Source: YouTube / AuthenTech — Ben Schmanke

1. Pallet Bracelets

Pallet projects: bracelet

Instructables user lennybaby1 simply sliced out a circle from an old pallet, then used a disc and drill drum sander to smooth out the accessories before finishing them off with resin.

2. Pallet Clock

Pallet projects: clock

After trimming down the pallet boards for the circle, Instructables user RitaC30 painted flash metal for the numbers and placed a wreath starter you can find at most craft stores in the middle.

She also added an extra dash of embellishment with metal scrapbook pieces.

3. Pallet Desk

Pallet projects: desk

This clever project from French builder Pierre Vedel uses Ikea table legs under a deconstructed pallet and even includes some sneaky hidden drawers!

4. Pallet Pens

Pallet projects: pens

This is the project that absolutely blew my mind! The builders over at BALES challenged themselves to create the writing utensils without the use of a lathe, relying instead on a table saw, a power drill, and a belt sander.

5. Pallet Hammock

Pallet projects: hammock

How cozy does this look? A 16-year-old Instructables user going under the name Howterson assembled 14 pallet planks and nine pallet blocks for this impressive project.

6. Pallet Horse

Pallet projects: toy horse

The crew at Houtje Boom crafted this adorable and surprisingly easy-to-build toy horse that would be the perfect present for any little one in your life.

7. Pallet Laptop Table

Pallet projects: laptop table

Instructables user isavedalex was inspired to craft this minimalistic laptop table after getting tired of the pains he was getting in his neck from poor posture, using the wood from a single pallet.

8. Pallet Mirrors

Pallet projects: mirror

This is so simple, but I never would have thought of it on my own! All you need are some inexpensive mirrors and a few tools to trim down the pallet planks for this creative project from Adam Fleisch.

9. Pallet Seahorse

Pallet projects: seahorse

Instructables user KagedCreations traced out this oh-so-adorable design right onto the pallets and then used a series of saws to trim every nook and cranny before painting.

10. Pallet Swing

Pallet projects: swing

A clever Instructables user made this delightful spot to kick up your feet by attaching a twin headboard to trimmed-down pallet planks and blocks.

11. Pallet Wall

Pallet projects: wall

This is a fun twist on the retro wood paneling that was so trendy back in the ’70s! Instructables user sebastiantheodore used about 30 pallets to get the job done.

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