This Gorgeous Horse Maternity Shoot Will Make You Appreciate The Miracle Of Life

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

If you’re a horse person, you understand how incredible they truly are. They’re so much more than an animal on the farm: they’re a true companion.

When a horse named Paisley was about ready to pop with a little foal, her human Elizabeth Lacroix, who just so happens to be the amazing photographer of Genesis Ell Photography, decided to do a little horse maternity photo shoot.

Elizabeth told LittleThings that “the shoot was spur of the moment. My daughter was home on a snow day and she and I hatched the idea. I looked through my human props and found some that could fit a very pregnant pony. Then, with my daughter Cadence as my assistant, we went in the backyard, cleaned Paisley (the pony) up as much as possible, and did the shoot!”

Once sweet baby Leeloo was finally born, they captured some amazing pictures of that, too!

Would you ever go above and beyond for your horse like this?

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Those accessories just fit this pregnant pony.


She definitely pulls off the look, though!


Look at her trotting about with that very pregnant belly.

trot trot

Here's Mama with her sweet little baby!


Off they go together!

baby trot

Life really is pretty amazing, isn't it?


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