She Drops Marbles Inside A Half-Used Paint Can, Then Rachael Realizes It Keeps The Paint Fresh

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Crafts and projects with paint can easily turn into big, frustrating messes. Luckily, the painting hacks in the video below can help solve some of the most annoying issues before they even pop up!

I know I tend to put off tackling DIY projects I find if they involve dealing with goopy paint, even if they are totally adorable and things I would really like to create. Just thinking about them reminds me of all my previous attempts that ended with crusty brushes and paint that dried out in between crafts.

But I’m so glad I no longer need to live in fear of those pesky problems popping up after listening to licensed contractor and DIY expert Beth Allen spill her secret painting hacks on The Rachael Ray Show!

Rachael can’t help but gush about Beth as she shows off her painting hacks, starting with a paint can full of bright-yellow liquid that could coagulate and become unusable in no time.

However, Beth’s trick couldn’t be any simpler: just drop in a few marbles and give the can a shake before opening it back up for your next project.

It’s such a genius idea, but something I definitely would have never thought of on my own! You can see how much Rachael agrees in the video, calling Beth’s tips “brilliant.”

Take a look to hear why Beth admits to having three paint brushes in her fridge and how she brings gunked-up brushes back to life!

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