High School Parking Lot Is Transformed When Students Uniquely Paint Their Spots

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Going back to school is always full of mixed emotions. On the one hand, it’s the end of summer and freedom, but it also means you’ll get to see your friends again and reconnect.

It’s especially bittersweet for high school seniors. While they’re looking forward to adult life outside of high school, this is also the last year they’ll be together with the kids they’ve grown up with.

But for the seniors at James Bowie High School in Austin, TX, it also means they get to take part in a great school tradition that celebrates the students’ individuality, and also symbolizes that they’ve reached the highest rung in the school. And it includes a little decoration.

Some people like to decorate for events discreetly, like with some cleverly painted nails, but in true Texas style, the kids at James Bowie High School do things a little… bigger.

At the beginning of the year, the seniors paint their assigned parking spaces in the senior parking lot. They can do whatever they want, and use it as a way to express themselves and their pride in their school, their community, and their friends.

Check out some of their creations below!

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Every year, the seniors at James Bowie High School in Austin, TX, get assigned a parking space, if they have a car. It’s a senior privilege that means they don’t have to search for parking on the street. They also get to customize their spaces with paint.

This student, though, decided to make a dad joke right off the bat.

Another student also opted for a message, with a little joke about tardiness.

Other students, like Madi, went with more elaborate designs like this psychedelic tie-dye pattern.

Another student paid homage to cult film Napoleon Dynamite, a perennial favorite among anyone who’s ever rooted for, or been, the underdog.

Other students chose to honor their favorite sports teams.

And some chose to write a personal message. This one is a perfect reminder to start off the day!

One student, named Reece, got clever with her personalization.

Soon, the whole senior parking lot was covered in original artwork. Some of it was funny, some heartfelt, and some just really cool-looking.

It’s a wonderful way to start the school year, and to see the diversity of the students’ personalities, and it adds some color to an otherwise ordinary parking lot.

And as you can see, the kids and their families make a day of it, so it’s also a great way for friends to catch up after the summer.

And it’s a great way to make a lasting memory for all the seniors, too!


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