Doctor Accompanies His Special-Needs Patient To Her Senior Prom

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Regardless of who officially wins the title of Prom Queen and King, every senior attending the big dance just wants to feel like royalty for at least one night.

Dressed up in the fanciest gowns and tuxes they can find, it’s the perfect way to celebrate their impending graduation with some fun. Many of us still look back on that once-in-a-lifetime moment fondly. Whether you had a date or went with a group of friends didn’t matter, so long as there was at least one person you cared for by your side to enjoy the evening together.

And, of course, that includes those students with special needs. They deserve to take a spin around the dance floor in their ritzy duds just as much as any other teen. When Hulbert, OK, senior Paige Walls prepared for her night out, she knew exactly whom she wanted waltzing with her.

As an infant, Paige suffered a series of seizures that left her parents, Mona and Charles, anxious as to what could be causing the scary tremors.

While other doctors brushed Mona aside as an overly nervous first-time mom, they finally saw a physician who, after witnessing the shakes firsthand, led to Paige being diagnosed the rare genetic condition known as CDKL5.

Despite the debilitating condition, Paige was determined to attend her senior prom and do so in style! Snagging this elegant, peacock-inspired number from a local dress shop, all the sweet girl needed now was a date.

Unfortunately, her father was unable to get the night off work, but Paige and Mona had the perfect backup in mind.

Together, they penned an old-fashioned note to the doctor who not only initially took the time to assist Paige as a baby that day in the hospital, but has also spent the past 18 years making sure his patient receives every bit of care she requires to live a happy life.

Of course, he was thrilled to join Paige as her date for the evening!

Friends of the family describe Dr. James A. Lewis as much more than a physician for the Wallses, but an advisor, a friend, and a supporter every step of the way as Paige develops with her condition.

They consider Dr. Lewis more of a grandfather figure in Paige’s eyes, as well as her “prince” who has helped to literally saved her life from the time she was only 4 weeks old.

Mona was also by her beloved princess’ side for the magical festivities. After all the excitement of the event was over, a friend of the family couldn’t help but pass along their story on Facebook, which has received overwhelming response from those in the community commending the pediatrician’s incredible gesture and big heart.

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