2-Year-Old Boy Visits His Father’s Grave, Then Finds A Wrapped Gift Waiting For Him

by Kate Taylor
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Losing your father is difficult at any time of year and at any age, but it is particularly tough for a toddler during the holidays.

Danielle Ogle, based in Fort Payne, AL, remembers the horror of the day when her husband, Cody Wells, drove off the road to his death in April 2016. She told CNN: “He works for the police department. Of course I thought it was Cody coming to the door because he forgot his keys or something, and I opened up the door and it was them [the police]. They told me he had a wreck, and he didn’t make it.”

One of the ways Danielle and her son, 2-year-old Braxton, cope with their loss is by visiting Cody’s grave every day.

Christmas this year was no exception.

When Danielle and Braxton walked up to Cody’s gravesite, neither mother nor son could help but notice a present lying in front of the headstone.

Like any child would, Braxton quickly got down to business and opened the mysterious gift. Danielle explained, “The first thing that he said when the opened up the present was, ‘Mommy, I’m so excited to know what my daddy has left me’…because he had thought his daddy had forgotten him and that daddy had forgotten to leave him a present.”

Of course, it wasn’t Cody who left Braxton the present, and it wasn’t Danielle either — it was an incredible act of kindness on the part of the man who created Cody’s gravestone.

Watch Braxton make the discovery of the gift below!

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