Mom Thinks Giant Blister On Baby’s Face Is Ringworm Until She Picks Up Pacifier In His Crib

by Amy Paige
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A Michigan mom was excited to play with her seven-month-old son Jack, so she snuck into his room and plucked him from his crib. Suddenly, Kristen noticed a strange bump on the side of his head. She turned the light on and saw a giant red blister that looked like a chemical burn.

How could this have happened?!

Kristen brought Jack to the hospital hoping for some answers, but the doctors were just as stumped. At first, they thought Jack had a case of ringworm.

After taking a closer look, the doctors realized Jack was badly burned and they eventually realized the very unexpected cause: his pacifier.

Jack had fallen asleep in his crib with the same type of pacifier given to new mothers at the hospital. He may even need plastic surgery to undo the damage that has been done!

Now, as Kristen’s story is going viral, she’s urging other parents to take heed. Watch the video below to see how Jack’s pacifier left him with a horrible burn on his face.

Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapids

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