Have You Ever Wondered How Long An Owl’s Legs Really Are?

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Nature hides all kinds of secrets, but some of them happen to be hidden in plain sight, right before our eyes.

There’s a lot many of us don’t know about animals we see on a regular basis, and some facts can catch us totally by surprise.

One of these surprises came in the form of a Reddit post. A user posted photos of an owl, one way more surprising than the other.

The first photo is of the animal as we normally see him, perhaps at a zoo or in the wild. But in the second photo, the user lifts up the animal’s bottom feathers to reveal his legs.

As it turns out, they appear to be very, very long.

Most of the owl’s legs are covered, so we can’t see just how unusually long they are! You can scroll down to see them for yourself.

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A Reddit user wowed the internet by posting two photos of the same owl. The first is totally normal, but the second one is catching everyone by surprise.


In the photo, the user lifts up the owl’s bottom feathers to reveal his very long legs.


Many were surprised by this fact about owls, but most have very long legs just like this!


The legs of most owl species are hidden by their plumage, but for a few, like the barn owl, they are in full view.

The power of this nocturnal hunter’s grip comes from the strength of his leg muscles, so it makes total sense that they have long legs to help them catch prey!

The next time you see an owl up close, watch carefully to see if you can spot the animal’s legs!

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