These Tiny Cabins Look Exactly Like Owls — And They’re So Cute

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Have you ever wanted to spend a night in the suburbs of France?

The time to do so is now, as there are some pretty amazing, tiny cabins in which you can stay — for free!

Les Refuges périurbains, or The Suburban Shelters, is a project by Bruit du frigo, an art and architecture studio based in Bordeaux, France. All of the cabins made as a part of this project are meant to remind the inhabitants of forgotten parts of nature. They’re also meant to encourage folks to venture into the suburbs and countryside around Bordeaux.

The adorable owl cabins you see below were designed by the contemporary art studio Zebra3. When you see these tiny yet awe-inspiring shelters, you’re definitely going to feel the pull towards nature.

Would you ever stay in these owl cabins for a night? Do you think the design would take you back to nature?

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Look at how cute this little cabin is!


It's just as precious and cozy on the inside.


What a lovely place to enjoy nature.


At nighttime, the cabins come to life — just like real owls.


You can just about hear them singing "hoo! hoo!"


It's like these owl cabins belong in the countryside.

hoot hoot

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