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Rescuers Discover 84 Great Danes Hidden Away In Mansion, Then Quickly Create Plan To Save Them

by Tasina Berkey
Tasina has worked in radio broadcasting and online blogging. She enjoys long walks on the beach.

Eighty-four Great Danes were rescued from a puppy mill that was in beyond horrid conditions.

Covered in pee and feces, it’s impossible to think that so many dogs were kept in such unsanitary and scary conditions.

But thankfully for these guys, that’s all in the past now.

After calls from neighbors reported loud barking coming from a mansion, police acquired a search warrant and made their way to the home.

These dogs didn’t get less than their share of love and affection once their rescuers came in. In the clip below, you can practically see the dogs’ eyes light up when they realize people have come to help them.

The owner of the mill didn’t get a chance to flee after the whole uncovering.

He was arrested for animal neglect soon after police discovered the dogs.

Luckily for all the dogs, they were sent to shelters and animal hospitals so they could be cared for in the way they deserve. Hopefully for the rest of their lives, these little angels can see and experience nothing but love and happiness from good-hearted owners.

Keep your heads up guys, there’s nothing but good to come!

See these sweet dogs get a second chance in the video below.

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