Everyone Thinks 13-Year-Old Is Pregnant, But Doctors Discover It’s A 35-Pound Tumor

by Emerald Pellot
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Irianita Rojas’ giant belly protrudes from under her shirt. Since she was 13 years old, now a 22-year-old woman, everyone believed Rojas was pregnant.

The reality is that an ovarian tumor grew to be 35 lbs. in her abdomen.

Rojas lives in a remote village in Peru and believed she would have to live with the tumor forever — that was until the Peruvian Healthy Ministry visited her village and intervened.

The health minister Anibal Velasquez Valdivia happened to be traveling in her town to monitor the construction of a health center. When he saw Rojas, he knew he had to intervene immediately. Valdiva quickly had Rojas transported to a hospital and treated.

“I never thought I would be operated on,” Rojas said. “I’m happy now because I’m recovering and I will be able to fulfill my dream of studying accounting.”

The tumor caused Rojas constant pain for nine years. She was forced to drop out of school and had difficulty breathing and walking. Although the tumor was malignant, it wasn’t harmful enough to warrant the use of chemotherapy.

Rojas is expected to make a full recovery and finally fulfill her dream of returning to school.

“Thanks for giving my daughter a new life,” her mother told doctors.

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