She Feels Lump Move In Her Tummy While Making Love To Boyfriend, Then Doctors Find Massive Tumor

by Emerald Pellot
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Ellie Taylor-Davis from Islington, London, was having intercourse with her boyfriend when the 21-year-old felt a lump move in her abdomen. She looked up the symptom online, but because she felt the same lump while going to the bathroom, she assumed she was just constipated.

“I felt something move inside of me and I thought it was really strange, as sex had never felt like that before, which freaked me out,” Ellie told Caters TV. “After sex, I became aware of the unusually large alien mass in my lower abdomen. I googled the symptoms but convinced myself it couldn’t be cancer.”

A month later, she went to her gynecologist to get a contraceptive coil fitted. That’s when doctors discovered the watermelon-sized mass on her ovaries. It was ovarian cancer, considered the “silent killer” of women.

“I was so shocked by how huge it was. I’m only a small person: I’m 5’2 and a size six, so to have a 16 cm mass the size of a baby inside of me and not know what it was, was really shocking,” she said.

The tumor was so large it was crushing her internal organs. Thankfully, surgeons removed the deadly mass and Ellie is in remission. She is now sharing her story to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

“The symptoms include persistent bloating, going to the toilet more often, persistent stomach pains, and feeling full more quickly,” she said. “It’s also important that young women are listening to their bodies and are empowered to seek their doctor’s help if they suspect anything is wrong.”

While Ellie will need regular check-ins to ensure the cancer doesn’t come back, she is lucky to be alive.

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