Woman Lets Her Tabby Cat Lounge Outside On Front Lawn — And Gets Slapped With Criminal Charges

by Amy Paige
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Kate Anderson of Murray, Utah, recently let her sleepy cat, Milo, outside in the sun. All he wanted to do was relax in the garden of their front lawn and snooze the day away.

Milo the ginger tabby is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and well-behaved. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat who, like many felines, likes to come and go as he pleases.

Milo was outside just minding his own business. Meanwhile, Kate had no idea that an anonymous passerby (or possibly one of her neighbors) had noticed Milo lounging out in the garden, snapped a photo of him — and then sent it over to animal control.

Shortly thereafter, an animal control officer knocked on Kate’s door.

At first she was totally panicked, thinking something awful had happened to her beloved pet.

But no … Milo was just fine. Kate, however, was issued a citation that carried the weight of two misdemeanor charges. It all started with that anonymous call placed to animal control.

Milo was now being treated “like a fugitive or bank robber,” all because of a Murray city ordinance that was enacted in 1963.

Kate was shocked to learn it was illegal for Milo to be doing what he was doing on that hot and sunny day.

Footage provided by KSTU

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