Two Married Couples Transform The Narrow Space Between Their Houses Into This Neighborhood Pub

by Barbara Diamond
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Two married couples, Kelvin and Samantha and their next-door neighbors, Rob and Helen, live in semi-detached homes in the West Midlands, U.K.

The four neighbors all have kids and normal occupations, and during the weekends they love to get together and enjoy home-brewed beer. They’d always wanted a more exciting place to imbibe, but with their kids at home and the age-old dilemma of choosing who would drive to and from the bar, they knew their meet-ups would mostly likely never leave their living rooms.

But one day, Kelvin saw a bunch of old wooden boxes lying around — and it sparked a “lightbulb moment” that grew into something unbelievable.

Three months later, the two couples built a cozy, gorgeous, fully functioning, fully stocked DIY pub in the narrow space between their two homes… for less than $200!

Wait until you see the Outback Inn. I am so, so jealous…

Two married couples with kids — Kelvin and Samantha and Rob and Helen — live side-by-side in their semi-detached homes in the West Midlands, U.K.

The couples have always been friendly and shared an affinity for home brewing. They’d often enjoy a beer in one home or another. Over time, they wished they could imbibe in another more exciting setting, but that would mean one of them would have to be the designated driver.

One day, one of the husbands noticed a bunch of old wooden crates lying around. It sparked an amazing “lightbulb moment.”

Why not bring the bar to them?!

Kelvin, Samantha, Rob and Helen built a pub right in-between their two homes!

They named their pub, which took three months to build, the Outback Inn — and built it for less than $200 using recycled and used items from eBay and car boot sales.

The 15×6 bar is situated in the tiny narrow space between their houses. The locale even provides extra security for their backyard gardens.

The pub provides the couples with the perfect place for them to store their home-brewed alcohol.

The Outback Inn is fully stocked with homemade beers, lagers, wines and ciders.

Now they never have to worry about driving to or from the bar!

The tiny pub, which boasts an Australian-themed decor, seats between six and eight patrons.

The importance of aesthetic was certainly not lost on the bar owners; the Outback Inn features moody curtains, old wall posters and vintage glassware.

The couples spent less than $100 on the corrugated iron roof.

The bar itself is an old work surface and the chairs came from an old double-decker bus.

“We believe we have achieved something really special,” Kelvin says.

Every weekend, Kelvin, Samantha, Rob and Helen meet at the Outback Inn to catch up and enjoy a beer.

This is such an awesome idea. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a bit jealous of the Outback Inn. Please SHARE this DIY pub with your friends on Facebook!

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