Otter Goes Absolutely Nuts With Joy When Woman Hops Into The Pool To Swim With Him

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

We’ve always known otters to be a playful species. They’ve been known to lose it in adorable style, whether it’s for their favorite humans or their particular obsession with waterslides.

Their slinky, strong bodies and webbed feet were pretty much made for pool parties.

Throw a few awestruck humans in the mix and, as you can see in this video, there are more “ooh’s and aww’s” and giggles than you can shake a rubber ducky at.

The video, captured at Nurtured by Nature, an animal sanctuary in Valley Center, California, shows a few friendly otters hitting the pool in a party state of mind, leaving the humans in a perpetual state of wow.

The otters seem to really dig those plastic cups filled with ice, clambering up into the arms of the people holding them to fish out their frozen prize.

Honestly, they’re into just about everything — from spouting water to the rubber ducky that seems to always show up at pool parties.

But their favorite plaything is obviously of the human kind. Otters clamber up arms for hugs, and one even lurches forward to kiss a girl in the water.

There’s always someone at the party who takes things a little too far. Near the end of the video, one otter steals a camera and takes a lot of low-angle shots of people’s legs before leaving it at the bottom of the pool.

Of course, no one’s blaming these intensely curious animals. In fact, Nurtured by Nature, a registered charity, is completely booked for the rest of the year. And organizers of these encounters say next year’s calendar is expected to fill up quickly.

Want to learn more about what this organization does for children and animals? Check out the website.

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