Busy Mother Otter Teaches Her Two Babies How To Swim

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Do you remember learning how to swim?

I remember wearing those inflatable swimmies on my arms and starting off in the shallow end. Some parents enlist their kids in swimming lessons very, very early on when their children are just tiny babies. Others wait until their kids are a bit older for official lessons and just teach them themselves in the backyard or neighborhood pool.

While every parent has different methods of teaching their children how to swim, some opt to skip it altogether. Animals in nature have a very different approach.

Of course, animals that spend a big amount of time in the water will need to learn to swim earlier, so that they can make it through their first chunk of life.

When a mama otter has to teach her babies how to swim, she does the equivalent of tossing her kids into the deep end… All out of love, of course!

Just watch as this very busy mom runs back and forth between her two little otter pups, making sure that both of them get their proper amount of swimming education for the day.

After all, if they can’t learn to swim, how will they ever learn to catch their own food, or how will they get around? Mom can’t carry them around on her tummy for the rest of their lives!

These little guys? They’re very fast learners.

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