Wild Ostrich Spooks Man When It Casually Jogs Through His Backyard

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Growing up, I loved going to the zoo. There was something special about seeing wild animals and being so close to them, even though there was a barrier or a glass pane separating them from the park visitors. I think I would be too scared to see them out and about in their natural environment, and without any protection.

After all, wild animals can potentially be dangerous if they feel threatened.

But what if the wild comes knocking on your door? What would you do, and how would you react?

In some parts of the country, this isn’t unusual: deer, for example, regularly visit my backyard. But if the animal wasn’t native to your country, you might think that you were hallucinating!

Perhaps that’s what went through one man’s mind when an ostrich ran through his yard.

The man was busy in his backyard, a white cleaning rag in hand, when the bird zoomed by on his long legs. The stunned man immediately dropped everything he was holding.

The man stared in disbelief at the animal for a brief second before his instincts kicked in: in the security camera footage, shown below, he seems to whip out his phone to record the strange encounter!

Although it isn’t clear where this footage was captured, this man clearly isn’t used to seeing ostriches in his yard.

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